A Slice of Empathy: How When and Zume Reinvented Employee Off-boarding

Zume, having evolved from a pizza delivery startup into a sustainable manufacturing-technology company based in California, was met with unforeseen logistical challenges leading to a tough decision to halt operations. Despite this, Zume exhibited an unwavering commitment to its employees. They joined forces with When Insurance, using their offboarding platform, Jamie, to prioritize the mental and financial well-being of the workforce.

Jamie is more than just an offboarding platform—it’s a comprehensive solution that utilizes AI to personalize the process of finding health insurance alternatives to COBRA. This AI-driven analysis of individual information allows employees to make informed decisions without the need to sort through complex information themselves. Beyond health insurance, Jamie’s marketplace offers a wide range of ACA, off-exchange, and short-term health plans. Its integration with HRIS platforms makes the offboarding process seamless, while a bilingual call center of licensed agents provides expert assistance in multiple languages. Additional resources support employees’ career transition, completing the holistic approach to offboarding.

The partnership between When and Zume produced several positive outcomes:

  • Personalized Healthcare Recommendations: Jamie’s AI capabilities simplified the process by analyzing individual information and presenting suitable health insurance options. This empowered Zume’s employees to make informed decisions without having to sort through complex information themselves.
  • Affordable Healthcare and Financial Stress Relief: By providing access to a range of health insurance options, Jamie helped Zume’s employees secure affordable healthcare. This not only granted them peace of mind during a challenging transition but also significantly alleviated the financial stress that often accompanies job loss.
  • Emotional and Professional Support: Zume’s departing employees reported feeling both professionally and emotionally supported, reflecting the company’s commitment to their team’s well-being.

Despite the situation, the leadership team displayed a remarkable commitment to their workforce. They saw an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their employees’ lives by prioritizing well-being during a time of transition.

One high-level official at Zume echoed this sentiment: “The When team and their platform, were a valuable resource for our team while going through a difficult time. When is providing a service that all companies should consider to help departing employees navigate affordable post-employment health care options.”

Zume’s commitment to its employees stands as a testament to the power of empathy in business. Even in the face of adversity, they demonstrated that businesses can create a positive impact on their employees’ lives by prioritizing well-being and providing necessary support.

With the experience of our partnership with Zume in mind, we eagerly anticipate the launch of the When Benefit on July 1st. This innovative solution amplifies financial wellness by providing employees with a fixed dollar amount of coverage to pay for health insurance premiums following an involuntary job loss. In addition to fostering a positive work culture and strengthening the employer brand, the When Benefit mitigates risk for self-funded employers by offering alternatives to COBRA.

Backed by an A+ rated carrier, the When Benefit serves as a health insurance safety net for benefit-eligible employees, offering them options beyond COBRA.

Zume’s commitment to employee wellness mirrors our values at When. Their dedication to supporting employees during transition underscores the potential of the When Benefit, especially when coupled with our offboarding platform, Jamie. As When continues to evolve, our focus remains on transforming offboarding experiences and empowering employees and businesses during transitional periods, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

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