Your Clients want a solution to decrease healthcare costs. Now you have one.

Say “hello” to When, and let your clients say “goodbye” to high COBRA continuation expenses. When is a novel offboarding platform and severance solution that helps your clients reduce COBRA expense, lower costs, and mitigate risk from high claims. Are your clients ready for When?
the problem
Former employees on the company’s group health insurance plan lead to increasing health insurance costs and high claim risk for the employer. For many exiting employees often the first and only health insurance plan they’re offered during offboarding is continuation coverage through COBRA. Until now.
the ask
Employers want a better severance solution than only offering COBRA to exiting employees. Employees want affordable and flexible post-employment health insurance plan options.
the need
A Qualtrics survey of 115 HR and Benefit leaders found 9 out of 10 desire a dedicated platform to manage offboarding and related expenses.
the when solution
When Platform provides HR and Benefit teams a dedicated offboarding platform that integrates with their existing HRIS solution. The When Platform streamlines the exit process while providing exiting employees an AI-driven healthcare marketplace for COBRA plan alternatives.

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Don’t let your clients continue with the costly offboarding and COBRA status quo. Bring your clients the change they want and need.
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