Catching the Boomerang Employee


In today’s dynamic job market, the concept of the “boomerang employee” is becoming increasingly prevalent. These are former employees who return to their previous companies after a period of absence. While the idea of rehiring former talent is appealing to many organizations, the willingness of these boomerang employees to return often hinges on one crucial factor: the offboarding experience.

The Importance of Offboarding

Traditionally, companies have focused their efforts on onboarding new hires. However, offboarding is just as critical, if not more so, especially in the age of the boomerang employee. A poorly managed exit can tarnish the company’s reputation and close the door to potential returns from valuable employees.

The Exit Experience: A Two-Way Street

When it comes to offboarding, both parties have something to gain or lose. For the employee, questions arise:
  • Was the exit process smooth or mismanaged?
  • Was it impersonal, handled over email with lengthy separation documents?
  • Did the employee receive guidance on the pros and cons of COBRA, along with access to alternative, affordable health insurance options?
  • Were there mistakes in the separation documents or final paychecks?

The When Advantage

When is revolutionizing the offboarding experience by focusing on both the employer and the employee. The platform offers AI-driven solutions that streamline operations, minimize COBRA costs, and ensure compliance. It even provides a marketplace of ACA and private medical plans, giving exiting employees the choices and support they need, thereby decreasing healthcare costs for employers.


In the age of the boomerang, companies can’t afford to neglect their offboarding processes. A respectful and smooth transition not only maintains a company’s reputation but also keeps the door open for returning talent. When is the only offboarding platform that focuses on creating a win-win exit experience for both parties. Companies like Salesforce, who are interested in hiring back former employees, would benefit from adopting such a comprehensive offboarding solution.
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