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Business meeting with three people to review reduction in force checklist Employers

Reduction in Force (RIF) Checklist

Unfortunately, even successful businesses sometimes need to make strategic cutbacks to stay viable during periods ...
A corporate building with a stethoscope wrapped around it, illustrating health insurance for company employees Employers

A Practical Guide to Health Insurance for Company Employees

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about health insurance options for company employees.
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Streamline Employee Offboarding with Top Software Solutions

Discover the top software solutions that can streamline your employee offboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition for departing employees.
the concept of the boomerang employee Employers

Catching the Boomerang Employee

Introduction In today’s dynamic job market, the concept of the “boomerang employee” is becoming increasingly ...
COBRA Employers

When Will Post-Employment Health Protection Change?

Dealing with health insurance after a job loss can be overwhelming. COBRA, the program designed ...
When + Zume Employers

A Slice of Empathy: How When and Zume Reinvented Employee Off-boarding

Zume, having evolved from a pizza delivery startup into a sustainable manufacturing-technology company based in ...
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5 Ways to Retain Employees and Improve Morale

Keeping your employees happy is key to a successful business. Having a happy and motivated ...