Graduating Students: We’ve got you covered

Typically, when considering the difficulties in finding affordable health insurance we think about someone who experienced a recent job loss. We often forget the health insurance challenges facing those entering the job market for the first time, recent college graduates. Graduating college students rolling off the student health insurance program (SHIP) often face similar struggles when it comes to finding affordable health insurance.

The HR and SHIP administrative staff at universities and colleges can be overwhelmed with questions and support requests from graduating students. The HR and SHIP teams at universities often shoulder the burden to help students transitioning off the student health insurance program, but they lack the necessary resources and bandwidth.

Here are some common issues recent college graduates encounter:

  • Loss of Student Health Coverage: Many students are covered by their university’s health insurance plan (often referred to as SHIP, student health insurance program), but this coverage typically ends upon graduation. This sudden loss of coverage can leave graduates without immediate healthcare options.
  • Job Transition Period: It may take some time for recent graduates to secure a job with health benefits. During this transitional period, they may need to find alternative health insurance options.
  • Navigating the Marketplace: Most graduates are not familiar with the various health insurance plans available on the marketplace. Navigating through different plans and understanding terms and conditions can be overwhelming. If only there was a college course to prepare students on how to shop for health insurance!
  • Affordability: Graduates, especially those entering the job market for the first time, may be on a tight budget. The cost of health insurance can be a significant concern, and they may need to balance this expense with other financial responsibilities.
  • Limited Employer Options: Some graduates may find jobs that don’t offer health insurance benefits. This can be challenging for those who expected employer-sponsored coverage.
  • Lack of Awareness: Some graduates may not be fully aware of the importance of having health insurance or may underestimate the potential risks of being uninsured.

When has developed an innovative post-SHIP solution built for colleges and universities to support graduating students rolling off the school’s health insurance program. When provides universities with a co-branded post-SHIP portal powered by an AI-driven marketplace. When’s post-SHIP portal offers a variety of options for graduating students including ACA (Affordable Care Act), off-exchange plans from all the major carriers, and short-term medical coverage.

When is a fully licensed broker that is approved by the ACA and appointed by major carriers including Aetna, Cigna, UHG, BCBS, Kaiser and more. When partners with universities and colleges to help support students rolling of the school’s SHIP plan. Recent graduates can find and plans and enroll on When’s marketplace or utilize When’s bilingual call center of licensed agents for support and health insurance enrollment over the phone.

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