Consider it insurance for your health insurance

When a company lays off employees,
When recession strikes and downsizing happens,
When a merger drives corporate restructuring,
You shouldn’t lose health coverage.

How It Works

Protect your ability to pay for healthcare. Consider your monthly budget and plan for When.

You have three ways to get When:


Buy it yourself right here. (Join our waitlist)


Buy through your employer.


Have your employer pay for all of it.

Here’s how it works



Apply for When. Select the benefit option that works best for you.

How It Works Steps


While employed, you’re on autopilot; you pay, your employer pays, or you both share the cost of a monthly premium. Either way, you get peace of mind.

How It Works Steps

Job loss

If you lose your job, When kicks in. Learn how to maximize your benefit. Get connected with insurance plans that may be less expensive than your current coverage or COBRA continuation plan.

How It Works Steps


File a claim showing you’re still unemployed + you paid a monthly insurance premium, and get reimbursed.

How It Works Steps

Does this seem really simple? That’s because it is.

Q: The average cost of COBRA family coverage is over $1700/month. How can you afford that between jobs?

A: You already took care of it–with When.