Navigating the Storm of Job Loss

The memories of my layoff during the pandemic still linger vividly. It felt like a storm was brewing on the horizon – its ominous signs appearing even before the tempest struck. Leadership nuances shifted, projects decelerated, timelines altered, and suddenly, it was as if someone pressed the mute button on our once-vibrant communication channels.

Receiving a 16-page “summary” exit letter from my previous employer (without naming them for discretion) added to the whirlwind of emotions. The lengthy document, which was meant to provide clarity, only compounded the confusion. On one hand, they had generously funded my COBRA account. Yet, on the flip side, an oversight meant they missed the crucial payment. Imagine the storm inside when trying to untangle that!

Reaching out for answers became a Herculean task. With a short-staffed team and blurred lines between talking to internal teams or third-party benefit partners, the experience was maddeningly confusing and frustrating. The so-called “helpful” exit letter? It listed over 10 contacts for various concerns, from health insurance to 401K rollovers. An array of generic email inboxes awaited my queries, only to echo in silence. And the toll-free helplines? Each call felt like starting from scratch, explaining the situation over and over to support personnel unfamiliar with my case.

It’s through these personal tribulations that I understood the pressing need for a streamlined, empathetic, and efficient post-employment support system. A solution that’s both personal and powerful, ensuring that no one feels lost in the maze of post-job transitions.

Enter WHEN – born out of real-life struggles to offer real-time solutions. We’re here to simplify complex processes, ensuring clarity even in life’s most tumultuous times. Because we’ve weathered the storm too, and we are committed to ensuring you never weather it alone.

Need clarity in chaos? Trust WHEN to guide you through. #ReadyforWhen

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