University Health Insurance and Offboarding Solution for Employees and Students

When it’s time to offboard faculty and staff.

When it’s time for students to transition from the student health plan.

When it’s time for a better exit experience.

It’s time for When.

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Lower COBRA participation and reduce cost while better supporting for your customers' employees.

When is a comprehensive, AI-driven technology platform and employee benefit that reduces participation in COBRA and provides unparalleled support for employees navigating offboarding, life changes, and health insurance.

Features & Benefits of When

Provide the Best Experience

Give your employees a trusted partner to help them navigate their offboarding process and health insurance continuation.

Expert guidance and navigation

Employees and students struggle to understand their university health insurance options post- employment or after leaving campus. When is the expert resource to educate and guide your students and staff.

Give employees options

COBRA allows no changes to plan choices and forces your employees into an expensive plan. When gives your employees the opportunity to pick what's right for them

Reduce healthcare cost

When guides employees to health plans that are a better fit than COBRA, reducing your claims exposure and lowering renewals.

Manage your reputation

Today, poorly executed layoffs can quickly hurt your brand. Giving your employees a better exit experience protects your brand and raises boomerang hire potential.

How it Works

Superior Offboarding for Existing Employees Unique Support for Outgoing Students

Say “Hello” to

Help staff and students find the right healthcare during times of change

Staff Transitions

When reduces healthcare costs related to staff turnover and provides a seamless exit experience.

Outgoing Students

When guides students who are transitioning off student health plans and need help understanding their options and finding an affordable plan that meets their needs.

How much can When save your company?

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