When Will Post-Employment Health Protection Change?

Dealing with health insurance after a job loss can be overwhelming. COBRA, the program designed to continue coverage, has become a convoluted, expensive burden. Employees might find themselves paying up to 500% more for their plan, while employers could face high claims and mounting costs. It begs the question: when will post-employment health protection change?

Enter WHEN, the answer to this complex issue. WHEN is the sole company offering up to 100% financial coverage for healthcare premiums after an involuntary job loss. The WHEN Benefit is an employee-first wellness solution designed to offer a financial and emotional safety net in challenging times.

Employees can use the WHEN Benefit to pay for ACA, off-exchange, and short-term medical plans. Post-employment, the WHEN Benefit provides the funds and flexibility to choose the right plan during a job transition.

For employers, the WHEN Benefit is a budgeted expense, eliminating the COBRA burden and giving assurance to employees about health insurance costs if their job status changes. It allows HR & Benefit teams to focus on helping transitioning employees understand their health insurance options and find an affordable plan.

WHEN Insurance is here to protect your future access to care. We’re dedicated to simplifying complex benefits and ensuring the best-case scenario even in the worst-case situation. We understand your struggles because we’ve been there, and we’re committed to helping you focus on what truly matters—your health.

Are you Ready for When?

To learn more, visit www.forwhen.com.

Remember, why risk it? Be prepared with WHEN. #ReadyforWhen

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