A benefit beyond employment.

When is a novel employee benefit and an offboarding platform built for people first employers. The When Benefit protects an employee's ability to pay for health insurance after a job loss. Our offboarding tool, Jamie, partners with HR & Benefit teams to help exiting employees find affordable COBRA alternatives.

How It Works

A partner to HR providing your employees peace of mind about their health insurance


A fixed dollar benefit to help your employees pay for health insurance after an involuntary job loss.

Our offboarding technology platform partners with HR to ease the transition for exiting employees.


A marketplace of ACA and private medical plans, connecting exiting employees to affordable alternatives to COBRA.

Here’s how it works



Employers can purchase a desired benefit amount for its full-time employees. The Employee Handbook is updated to inform employees about their new financial wellness benefit.

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Employees have peace of mind knowing they have a safety net for health insurance premiums should their job status change. Additionally, they can visit When to view their benefit amount and get answers to common health insurance questions.

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Job loss

After an involuntary job loss, HR and Benefit teams direct exiting employees to  forwhen.com/jamie. Here employees learn about their When Benefit and get access to a marketplace of ACA and private medical plans. Jamie makes it easy for exiting employees to get their questions answered and to find affordable coverage options.

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A former employee logs into When and uploads proof of a paid monthly health insurance premium. When directly reimburses the person for the premium paid. When reimburses for COBRA, ACA and other private medical plan options.

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Want a valuable employee benefit?Provide peace of mind with When.

After a job loss, many employees can't afford COBRA and don't know their medical plan options.

With When, employees have the benefit to understand and afford health insurance in between jobs.