Health Insurance Protection. Assured Employees. A Benefit that Matters Now.

Learn how the When Benefit and Jamie are keeping health insurance affordable for employees after a job loss, and helping employers say Goodbye COBRA.


What is When?

Well, it's actually two things. First, it's a novel insurance product for employers.
Second, it's an HR partner to help exiting employees find alternatives to COBRA.

Financial Wellness Benefit

The When Benefit provides employees with a fixed dollar amount of coverage that pays for health insurance premiums after an involuntary job loss.

Employer benefits of the When Benefit:

  • Reputation management by helping exiting employees stay insured after a job loss
  • Helps retention with a valuable people first benefit
  • Budgeted funds to cover the costs associated with post-employment medical coverage
  • Reduces risk for self-funded plans
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Offboarding Platform

Jamie is a compassionate offboarding platform that partners with HR and Benefit teams to ease the transition for exiting employees.

Employer benefits of Jamie:

  • Provide exiting employees alternatives to COBRA
  • Reduces expenses and administration for self-funded and fully-funded plans
  • Answers health insurance and COBRA questions freeing up bandwidth for HR
  • Handles the reimbursement of health insurance premiums
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What if the best benefit you could offer your employees is peace of mind?


9 in 10 employees

expect their employer to offer financial wellness benefits.

7 in 10 people

value health care insurance protection over retirement savings.


emergency funds outranked childcare support and retirement plans.

Easy to navigate implementation combined with a streamlined process for payroll deductions means less burden on your team.

Give your employees the knowledge that if they experience an unexpected job loss, their household can continue to afford health care coverage.

Give your employees a tool to help with their health insurance questions, and easily find affordable COBRA alternatives.

Easy set-up

Rethink your benefits to prepare your company and its employees for the realities of change.

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