Transform Your Offboarding Experience

Because last impressions are lasting impressions

When is a comprehensive post-employment platform that streamlines offboarding, reduces COBRA costs, and equips exiting employees with tailored resources for healthcare, finances, and career transitions.
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Redefining Offboarding

From Challenge to Opportunity

In today's dynamic business world, every departure impacts your brand. When transforms this critical touchpoint into a powerful tool for building loyalty and optimizing resources.

Key Pillars

Experience the When Difference

Our innovative platform redefines offboarding through four key pillars:


Effortless integration with existing systems, including leading enterprise HRIS like Workday, ADP, Rippling, and Prism, enabling tailored transitions with customized workflows.


Provide comprehensive transition resources and personalized guidance, including AI-powered assistance for healthcare plan options, career support, and innovative severance solutions.


Safeguard your brand reputation, ensure data security, and maintain regulatory compliance with SOC 2 certification and HIPAA standards throughout the offboarding process.


Gain data-driven insights to continually improve your offboarding process, enhancing strategies and optimizing outcomes for both your organization and employees.

Protect Your Brand

Create Lifelong Advocates

Turn departing employees into positive 
brand ambassadors

Demonstrate Corporate Responsibility

Show commitment to employee wellbeing beyond tenure

Enhance Talent Strategy

Attract top candidates and encourage high-performing alumni to return

Build a Valuable Network

Maintain positive connections for future
opportunities and referrals

Realize Significant ROI

Reduce COBRA expenses

Cut healthcare costs by up to 70% through alternative options

Streamline HR Processes

Automate workflows, saving valuable time and resources

Mitigate Legal Risks

Ensure compliance, reducing potential costs and penalties

Enhance Data-Driven Decision Making

Gain actionable insights to optimize offboarding strategies

Use Cases

Compassionate Solutions for Every Industry

From high-growth startups to established enterprises, When adapts to your unique culture and needs.​

Ready to Transform Offboarding?

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