The Problem

COBRA participants are 3X more costly than active employees, driving up your health plan costs.

Expensive, inflexible, inefficient, confusing, and unfit for today's employment landscape.

Financially out of reach for most people and locks them into an expensive plan with no ability to change.

Keeps the healthcare cost of the highest risk participants in the employer plan.

When solves the problem

When is a modern offboarding and health insurance navigation solution for everyone.

Better offboarding experience
Better health insurance for employees
COBRA savings for employers
…it’s time.

When is there for your employees every step of the way.

Whether your employees are exiting voluntarily or experiencing a job loss, When is their trusted partner to navigate the transition, stay protected, and land on their feet.

When drives better health insurance choices for everyone.

We work personally with your employees to find them the right health insurance plan for their unique situation. They have the power to choose an affordable plan that fits their changing circumstances and saves your company from high-cost COBRA participation.

When leaves your employees with the best last impression

We support your employees throughout their transition process and ensure they have the right health insurance. In today’s social media landscape and competitive labor market, your employment brand and reputation are important to protect.

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