Offboarding Revolutionized with When

Streamline operations and minimize COBRA costs with our AI-driven offboarding platform.


When: Your Comprehensive Offboarding Solution

Enhance HR Efficiency with AI-Driven Offboarding

When, an AI-powered platform that transforms offboarding, easily integrates with your tech stack, reducing HR tasks, mitigating COBRA risks, ensuring compliance, and cultivating strong relationships with transitioning employees.

The When Advantage: Reinventing Offboarding

Revolutionize Your Offboarding with AI


Financial Risk Mitigation:

Swiftly transition employees to open market health plans.


COBRA Alternatives:

Offer cost-effective health insurance options.


Operational Efficiency:

Automate offboarding tasks, allowing your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.


Personalized Offboarding:

Leverage AI for custom offboarding plans, enriching the employee transition experience.


Reputation Management:

Deliver a seamless offboarding experience, minimizing negative employer reviews.


Compliance Assurance:

Fulfill legal obligations accurately and efficiently.

Experience the Transformative Power of When

Unleashing Unprecedented Offboarding Efficiency and Savings


Reduced time spent on HR offboarding tasks, focusing more on strategic initiatives.


Substantial savings achieved through COBRA subsidies reduction.


Risk mitigation for involuntary offboards and potential COBRA claims.


85% reduced time spent

on HR offboarding tasks, focusing more on strategic initiatives.

75% potential savings

achieved through COBRA subsidies reduction.

50% risk mitigation*

for involuntary offboards and potential COBRA claims.

*The 50% Risk Mitigation is achievable when employers opt for the additional When+ Coverage with their plan. This coverage aids in managing the risks associated with involuntary offboards and potential COBRA claims, offering immediate relief from potential COBRA costs and reducing the financial burden on the organization. Actual savings may vary depending on company-specific factors.

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When Insurance provides employers the ability to offer their employees a financial backstop for health insurance premiums in the event of unforeseen layoffs. #innovativeemployeebenefit

Beth Turbitt
Managing Director at Aon

When’s platform was a valuable resource for our team while going through a difficult time. When is providing a solution that all companies should consider to help departing employees navigate affordable post-employment health care options.

Erica Boutacoff
Zume HR Leader

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