We give every employee the chance to protect their access to healthcare

We’ve lost jobs before and found ourselves forced to pay thousands of dollars per month to keep our families insured. That’s not right, so we did something about it.

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Family Health Project

With backgrounds that include marketing, creative writing, finance, and computer science, guess the one universal experience that our entire team shares: losing our job and suddenly having to pay the steep costs of COBRA coverage.

This is a common American problem. But while we cannot prevent unexpected job loss, we can help people continue to afford health insurance.

And so we gathered a team of advisers—large and small employers, insurance carriers, and insurance brokers—and set our eyes on innovation. From there, When was born.

We don't want the focus to be on us. When is about protecting your family's health and financial wellness.

When is the best-case scenario for the worst-case scenario

We protect your ability to pay for insurance coverage, even if you face involuntary job loss.

Employee-first wellness

Access to health insurance is a basic need. Coverage should not depend on job security.

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Simplifying complex benefits

When is the perfect complement to your insurance offering. We help you navigate the complexities of today’s insurance landscape.

How It Works Steps

Here for the hard times

Losing your job shouldn’t mean losing insurance. When provides much-needed peace of mind around health benefits.

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